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Rental fee

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Rental fee rate Table
Division Unit Rental fee Remarks
Exhibition ,
Indoor Exhibition Room 1 (3,130 s/m) KRW/m², day 1,150 Indoor rental fee shall be applied to fee for exhibition lobby.
Exhibition Room 2 (1,684 s/m)
Exhibition Room 3 (3,134 s/m)
Outdoor Exhibition Room 1 (595 s/m) KRW/m², day 360
Exhibition Room 2 (770 s/m)
Discount or premium for indoor or outdoor exhibition Month June % 30 (discount) Applied to basic rental fee and overtime charge for our exhibition center.
January, July, December 20 (discount)
February, August, September Basic fee
March, April, May, November 20 (premium)
October 30 (premium)
Size If all the indoor facilities are used 5 (discount)
If all the indoor facilities are used twice or more a year 5 (discount) Applied from the second exhibition.
Split use of exhibition room Less than a room 20 (premium)
Contract time If a rental contract is concluded two years in advance 5 (discount)
If a contract for the next year is concluded during the event period 2 (discount)
Overtime charge

1. The time of free use shall be supported differently by the installing time and room in accordance with provisions of Clause 4 of Article 8 in SETEC Operating Regulations.

2. 1/13 of daily rental fee per hour exceeding the basic use time of exhibition center (08:00~21:00) shall be added.

  • Note 1) How to calculate rental fee (basic): Basic rate × Rental area × Rental time × 1.1 (including Value Added Tax)
  • Note 2) If an exhibition room is split for use (also applied to outdoor exhibition room)
    • - Rental fee for at least 1/2 room shall be imposed if the use area is less than 1/2 room.
    • - Rental fee for a room shall be imposed if the use area is not less than 1/2 and less than a room.
    • - Value Added Tax shall be separately imposed.
  • Note 3) Overtime use is possible if it is requested to and accepted by SETEC by 17:00 PM on the day.